Proposition 207 is Supported by a Broad, Diverse Coalition of Leaders and Organizations from Every Corner of Arizona.

Dolores Huerta – Civil Rights and Labor Leader

“Legalization will bring economic development and much needed criminal justice reform. Black and brown people disproportionately receive harsher punishments and this will break that trend. A yes vote on prop 207 will make our communities safe for everyone and create economic opportunity.”

Congressman Ruben Gallego

“The Arizona Republic recommends passage of Prop. 207 because we need to right an historic wrong — to decriminalize marijuana use and put the responsibility back on individuals to choose wisely when it comes to low-grade substances such as marijuana and alcohol.”


State Senator Rebecca Rios

“The Smart and Safe Act simply does the right thing. By establishing a justice reinvestment program and creating a restorative process back to normalcy for those who broke the law, this initiative ensures that our criminal justice system can focus on real crime.”

Mayor Regina Romero, Tucson

Will Humble, AZ DHS Director 2009-2015
Susan Gerard, AZ DHS Director 2005-2008
Jack Dillenberg, AZ DHS Director 1993-1997

Former Arizona Governor, Fife Symington

“As a former Governor of our great state, I am keenly aware of how important it is to defend liberty and to conserve scarce government resources. I also know that to accomplish these goals we must constantly re-evaluate our policies in the face of new evidence. Today the evidence is overwhelmingly clear: criminalizing law-abiding citizens who choose to responsibly consume marijuana is an outdated policy that wastes precious government resources and unnecessarily restricts individual liberty. A far more logical approach would be to respect the right of adults to choose to consume marijuana while regulating and taxing its production and sale.”

State Representative Cesar Chavez

“The reason I’m supporting Proposition 207 is simple – it provides a second opportunity to individuals through expungement, not to mention the extra revenue that it brings our state and, of course, the funding it brings our community colleges. This is exactly what Arizona needs to move forward.” (Click here to watch his video)

Tim La Sota

“We have an opportunity to get it right, to end injustices that result from the law’s treatment of simple possession of any amount of marijuana as a felony, and to make sure children are protected and tax dollars are spent wisely. If we miss this opportunity more radical elements may push legalization without important safeguards.

Or worse yet, politicians and bureaucrats may attempt legalization without consulting voters.

Please vote “yes” on Prop 207.”

Tim La Sota is the Former general counsel for the Arizona Republican Party. Read the Full Op-Ed By Clicking Here.

Alfredo Gutierrez – Former State Senator and Maricopa Community College District Governing Board President

Endorsing Organizations

ACLU Arizona – Read their statement.

Professional Firefighters of Arizona

Teamsters Local 104 – Read their statement.

Boilermakers Local 627 – Read their statement.

NextGen Arizona

Black Male Voter Project

American Friends Service Committee

Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice

Other Endorsing Community and Elected Leaders

State Representative Diego Espinoza

State Representative Lorenzo Sierra

State Representative Daniel Hernandez Jr.

Mesa City Councilmember Francisco Heredia

School Boardmember Devin del Palacio

School Boardmember Pedro Lopez

Maricopa County Attorney Candidate Julie Gunnigle

Lydia Guzman

“Arizona’s Community Colleges form the backbone of our state’s workforce by supplying skilled workers, affordable higher education, and accessible continued learning options for working people. However, Arizona’s politicians provide these same colleges with less money every year, leaving them with over $320 million in deferred maintenance costs alone. This decision harms their ability to provide a quality, affordable education for all. Prop 207 finally puts an end to that by supplying our colleges with an estimated $100 million annually that politicians can’t touch. The colleges will put that money to use immediately for repairing buildings and buying technology to help train a competitive 21st century workforce that will bring more high wage jobs to Arizona.”

Dr. Aleksander “Sasha” Radisich
Professor of Economics, Social Science Department, Glendale Community College
(college Affiliation provided for Identification purposes only)

This Smart & Safe Act was developed by Arizona moms, dads, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, small business owners, corporate executives, educators, health care professionals, police officers and prosecutors.

Arizona is our home. We sought to create the best policy with a measurable benefit to our state. We’re proud of this initiative. It is sincerely smart and safe. Here’s why:

  1. The war on drugs failed. Marijuana is safest when it’s sold in a taxed, tested and regulated environment – not on a street corner.
  2. Arizona is in financial crisis and we can’t trust politicians to do the right thing. We have guaranteed, by law, that the money will fund Arizona’s top priorities – education, public health, infrastructure, and public safety. At least $300 million annually will be pumped into these critical areas.
  3. As parents, we know a well-regulated, licensed, legal environment is the best way to keep marijuana out of the hands of children – period. We set the legal age at 21, limited potency, required childproofed packaging, required products to be unattractive to kids and forbade advertising to youth.
  4. We also banned smoking marijuana in public places and open spaces — imposing the toughest restrictions in the country.
  5. Our streets will be safer. We increased penalties for driving under the influence of marijuana and gave departments funding for training, equipment and task forces. And, legalization will also free up our clogged criminal justice system to focus on serious crimes.
  6. We also dedicate millions annually to state and local health departments for addiction prevention and treatment, suicide prevention, mental health programs, and justice reinvestment projects that create opportunities in disproportionately impacted communities.

Legalization is the right move for Arizona. Smart and Safe is the right measure. Now is the right time. Please vote yes on Prop 207.

Four years ago, while I was Mayor of Snowflake, the City Council voted to issue Special Use Permits for two Medical Marajuana Growth Facilities. Both are producing medical marajuana and one of them is the largest private employer in Snowflake.

My emphasis on the City Council and as Mayor was to support economic development and encourage job growth in our local communities. The issuance of these two Special Use Permits has had the biggest positive economic impact in Snowflake in decades.

The Medical Marijuana Facilities are responsible corporate citizens and provide good paying jobs with benefits to our citizens. Our younger people can stay in the community and enjoy our rural setting and lifestyle. Many people who visit Snowflake never even realize that we have medical marijuana growth facilities here.

I have read the Safe and Secure Arizona Act and am very pleased with the way it has addressed legitimate concerns raised with the 2016 proposition. The authors have also incorporated successful provisions from other states so we can benefit from their experience.

I recommend voting “FOR” PROPOSITION 207 the Smart and Safe Arizona Act.

Thomas Poscharsky Mayor Emeritus Snowflake, Arizona

Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice (AACJ) strongly supports the Smart and Safe Act, which would legalize the use and possession of marijuana for adults at least 21 years old. As a state-wide not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused in the courts and in the legislature, AACJ has seen the damage Arizona’s policy of heavily criminalizing the use and possession of marijuana has done to individuals, families, and our communities. For too long Arizona has been an outlier, clinging to the failed prohibitionist policies of the past. Currently, Arizona is the only state that makes first-time, simple possession of any amount of marijuana a felony offense. This failed policy continues to send people to prison for marijuana crimes. Moreover, a felony conviction carries with it a lifetime of collateral consequences – you cannot vote, you cannot serve on a jury, you cannot work in certain professions and finding any job is much more difficult. With a felony conviction for a marijuana offense you can also lose important benefits, like access to student loans and housing assistance. Not only will the Smart and Safe Act move Arizona toward a more compassionate policy on adult marijuana use, it will also provide an option for folks who were previously convicted of low-level marijuana charges to have their criminal records expunged so they have fair access to jobs and housing, while raising millions of dollars annually for much needed addiction prevention, substance abuse treatment, suicide prevention, mental health programs and other justice reinvestment projects. It is past time Arizona voters legalized the use and possession of marijuana for adults at least 21 years old. It is smart. It is safe. And it respects the liberty and personal freedom of all Arizonans to live their lives as they choose.

As the CEO of Harvest Health, we began working on the Smart & Safe Act in 2019 with the hopes of providing jobs, revenue and criminal justice reform to my home state.

At the time, we had no idea those priorities would become emergencies.

The state is facing a $1.1 billion budget shortfall (or worse) due to Covid-19. City and county governments also face serious financial strains with sales tax and other revenue streams decimated by the pandemic.

New revenue is essential to sustain services including public safety, public education and public health. That includes making sure Arizona’s health care system is better prepared if and when the Coronavirus returns or another pandemic strikes.
Voters have the opportunity in November to approve the Smart & Safe Act. The ballot initiative legalizes small amounts of cannabis for personal use. It will bring in $3 billion in revenue to the state over 10 years through a 16 percent excise tax on marijuana sales.

Money would go directly to public health agencies, first responders as well as community colleges who offer key workforce training programs for our economy. These investments will help backfill some of the revenue lost because of COVID-19. State and local lawmakers won’t have to make ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ budget decisions that impact our communities and priorities such as teacher pay and important infrastructure improvements.

Arizona’s economy was prospering before COVID-19 and its decimation. The state’s Rainy Day Fund might help us get through some of the near term economic and revenue impacts. But we need new revenue to rebuild those reserves and to keep investing in communities. Voting Yes on Smart & Safe does that.

The Association exists to support the already-thriving cannabis ecosystem in Arizona, which is currently producing millions in tax revenue for the state in an environment ravaged by a global pandemic, employs more than 15,000 of your neighbors in quality jobs, and supports the health of the nearly 250,000 qualified patients across our Grand Canyon State.

Proposition 207 responsibly legalizes the sale, possession, and consumption of cannabis for adults over the age of twenty-one while generating $3 billion in NEW REVENUE during the first ten years alone – without compromising our values. The initiative protects our kids by requiring all packaging to be childproof and clearly labeled. It also bans advertising to children and strictly prohibits the sale of gummy bears and other products that resemble kids’ candy. Proposition 207 also does the right thing by providing an option for those who have been previously convicted of low-level marijuana charges to have their criminal records expunged so they have fair access to jobs and housing. This initiative represents the smart, responsible, and safe way to legalize the adult use of cannabis. Please join your neighbors in voting YES on Proposition 207.

As a person who has been fighting for the liberation and advancement of black and brown people in Arizona, I’m supporting Proposition 207 because it will end the criminalization of black and brown people using marijuana.

Click here to watch his video

I am a proud owner and operator of a small business in Arizona. I contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax revenue to the State of Arizona every year, and employ 41 people across my retail, cultivation, and wholesale operation.

And my story is not unique. Hundreds of other small business owners in the cannabis industry across the state are offering quality employment and demonstrating a commitment to the community each and every day.

The Giving Tree Dispensary is part of a larger ecosystem in Arizona that produces millions in tax revenue for the state, employing more than 15,000 of your neighbors in quality jobs, all while we support the health of the nearly 250,000 qualified patients across our Grand Canyon State. Proposition 207 protects our kids by requiring all packaging to be childproof and clearly labeled, while also providing much- needed new tax revenue to the State of Arizona. This initiative represents the smart, responsible, and safe way to legalize the adult use of cannabis. Please join me in voting YES on Proposition 207.


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