Arizona has a spirit of independence—defiance even—that dates back centuries. We don’t do things because we’re told to or expected to—we act when we’re ready and when it’s right.

This initiative to legalize, regulate and tax the adult use of marijuana was developed in that spirit. We took our time. We studied other states’ successes and mistakes. We considered Arizona’s priorities—education, public safety, public health and critical infrastructure. And ultimately, this initiative creates an opportunity for new revenue and jobs without compromising our principles.


Allows employers and property owners to prohibit use at their workplaces and on their property, like they do currently.

Does the right thing by providing an option for folks who were previously convicted of low-level marijuana charges to have their criminal records expunged so they have fair access to jobs and housing.

Limits the amount of THC (the chemical responsible for the “high” in marijuana) to 10 milligrams per serving of edible products.

Gives the Arizona Department of Health Services the authority to oversee the safe sale of marijuana, including testing and inspecting products sold.

Frees up police to focus on real crime and hard drugs and unclogs the justice system which is currently backlogged with minor offenses.

Creates thousands of good-paying jobs across Arizona.

Prop 207 – Full Version


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