Voters to Decide on Recreational Marijuana for Second Time in Four Years

Four years ago, Arizonans narrowly rejected a similar measure. Supporters say the dynamics this year should help in the push for legalization. If Prop 207, the Smart and Safe Arizona Act passes, Arizona would be the twelve state nationwide to legalize recreational pot. 

Tucson’s Moe Asnani owns two medical marijuana dispensaries. 

“People nowadays feel cannabis is normalized. Be it for medical use or adult, it has become part of the American ecosystem.”

Moe Asnani, Dispensary Owner

Recreational cannabis could give a big jolt to Arizona’s economy. One study estimates the passage of Prop 207 would boost revenue by $300 Million. Asnani argues the time is now. 

“Today, in the world of COVID, nothing has been more obvious than the fact people are buying more marijuana in stressful scary times like the pandemic. I think we’re now on a trajectory to force ourselves out of this economic downturn we’re in.”

Moe Asnani, Dispensary Owner

The initiative would allow adults 21 and over to possess one ounce of pot. An individual can cultivate up to six plants and household no more than 12. There would be a 16 percent additional tax on the sale of marijuana. Recreational pot would still be illegal in public places including parks, restaurants and sidewalks. If it passes, recreational pot will go on sale April 5, 2021.