AZCentral: Prop. 207 would correct a historic wrong. Vote yes on recreational marijuana in Arizona

Opinion: The United States was wrong to use criminal law to control use of a low-level street drug like marijuana. Prop. 207 can correct that in Arizona.

Editorial Board Arizona Republic
Oct. 4, 2020

History is marching in an unmistakable direction on the most popular and widely used street drug in this country.

Thirty-five states have now legalized either recreational or medicinal marijuana or both, and more will join the parade soon.

It’s been 10 years since Arizona legalized medicinal marijuana and pushed the camel’s nose under the tent toward wholesale legalization.

And all of our neighbors are moving in the same direction. 

California legalized recreational marijuana four years ago. New Mexico’s governor won election in part on the promise to legalize. Colorado pushed the lever in 2012, and our sisters and brethren due north legalized medical marijuana two years ago.

When LDS Utah legalizes marijuana, it’s game over.

But even more remarkable are our neighbors to the south. In Mexico, opinion polls for decades have shown fierce opposition to legalization – far more opposed than Americans. Now that country is on the cusp of lifting prohibitions on recreational pot.

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