Vote YES on
Prop. 207 this November!

Arizona has a spirit of independence—defiance even—that dates back centuries. We don’t do things because we’re told to or expected to—we act when we’re ready and when it’s right.

This initiative to legalize, regulate and tax the adult use of marijuana was developed in that spirit. We took our time. We studied other states’ successes and mistakes. We considered Arizona’s priorities—education, public safety, public health and critical infrastructure. And ultimately, this initiative creates an opportunity for new revenue and jobs without compromising our principals.

Smart and Safe Arizona qualified for the November election, and will appear as Proposition 207 on your ballot!

Strengthening Public Safety

This new revenue stream would provide additional resources for police training, enforcement and task forces.

Millions for Higher Education

Sales revenue would go towards our community colleges, allowing them to expand services and help more Arizonans.

Expanding Public Health Services

Millions of dollars would go to fund addiction prevention, substance abuse treatment and mental health programs, while packaging requirements would protect children.

Improving Arizona’s Infrastructure

Millions of dollars will be available to help improve Arizona’s roads and highways.

Smart and Safe Arizona is the right initiative at the right time, developed by the right people for the right reasons. But don’t take our word for it.


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