Just months after Arizonans legalized adult-use marijuana by passing the Smart & Safe Arizona Act (Proposition 207) with the most votes in state history, the Arizona legislature has introduced a series of bills aimed at undermining the will of the voters:

  • HB2809 (sponsored by Osborne) – The bill itself is a violation of the Voter Protection Act and the Arizona Department of Health Services (DHS) already has the explicit authority to regulate marijuana policies and oversight in the interest of Arizonan’s public health and safety. HB2809 does not further the purpose of Prop 207, in fact, the provisions included in HB2809 are contrary to the intentions of Prop 207, which Arizona voters overwhelmingly supported in the November election.
  • HB2414 (sponsored by Friese) – The industry needs additional capacity, and we should welcome all lawful and compliant parties, interested in opening or investing in a testing lab in alignment with DHS regulations, into the marketplace. Unfortunately, this bill puts additional impediments in place that do not exist in the healthcare or environmental service fields.
  • SB1121 as amended (sponsored by Gowan) – The bill is a clear violation of the Voter Protection Act as it does not further the purpose of Prop 207 and in fact in contrary to many of the policies passed by the voters with overwhelming support. SB1121 creates enormous red tape, bureaucratic and financial burden to the marijuana industry which ultimately impacts patients and customers without a nexus to necessary regulations or public health and safety.  This bill is an overreach and is an overly burdensome market interference in search of a problem.

Call your legislators and tell them to oppose the attacks on adult-use marijuana! Find their contact info here: www.azleg.gov.


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